Where are We? / by Stephanie Blair

About a month ago, I introduced #QueerDetroit, an idea that I had been working on and talking about since my return.  It was actually one of the leading inspirations behind the development of RockCity Lookbook. And Although RCL is an all inclusive brand that celebrates everyone from, living and creating positive change in Detroit, I still identify as a queer woman. With almost four years of producing work, blogging, curating art shows and zines for RCL, it was evident that my network was strong enough to shine a light on a beautiful side of Detroit, that many of us have never even thought about. 

#QueerDetroit, a group of highly talented and intelligent young adults who live and work in Detroit.  Made up of mostly POC, we enjoy attending events and activities that reflect a community that also represents us specifically. Keeping us in mind, the approach was that RCL would help curate a community of self-sustaining entrepreneurs, that would then assist in the creation of a scene where members of the LBGTQ community could be fully themselves and respected. With #QueerDetroit my team and I will curate, document and then publish these gatherings on it's own various social media platforms.  

I am not the only person in the city who is making efforts to curate events and experiences for our community. HER Social App's Detroit Rep, Siena Liggins is doing just that, beginning this Friday, June 30th. Just a few days after the #QueerDetroit introduction gathering, I met with Siena at The Royce to exchange information about the party and a better understanding of what the HER team is looking to produce in the city. After answering the few questions that I had, it was very pleasing to see Siena excited with a plan to engage Detroiter's with a really good Summer Party. I was so impressed, I definitely wanted to help spread the word and show my support. Since the HER Social App plans to have more events catered to the community, the first one will be special for all of us to be there to experience.

With RockCityLookbook, BaddieBlair and The FireHouse Music Series, the mission will continue to be same: To help create tangible and sustainable change in the lives and the communities where there is a void  by working with the creative resources that we have.  

And so, as we come to the end of Pride Month, we must remember to celebrate and love ourselves everyday of the year. #QueerDetroit will announce our next  several summer events and gatherings via google calendar. if you are interested in attending, just send a quick email for more details If you have not yet RSVP'd to this Friday's party, please do, tickets are limited at the door. I am so excited  and looking forward of what is to come. Just in a short amount of time, large progress has been made to bring us closer in reach. Support. See You Friday!

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